Automotive Components
Hydraulic Components

The Group manufactures a variety of hydraulic precise components on an OEM basis for global hydraulic device and equipment manufacturers in Europe and the US. Our customers are mainly specialists in the manufacture of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, gear boxes, mobile electronics and accessories. Industrial hydraulic components are widely applicable in the following industries: Machines tools, Automotive, Plastics, Steel & rolling, Foundries, Wood and paper, and General machinery.

IPE Robots

The incentives to automate are forcing the manufacturing industries all over the world to continue to improve their production processes in order to be competitive in a global market. The demand for consumer goods is increasing especially in the emerging markets; and the life-cycles of many of these products are decreasing. With a shorter time-to-market requirement to meet the demand changes, technological innovations are needed. The demand for high quality products and sustainable solutions is rising all over the world, notably in Asia especially China. The increasing diversity of consumer goods requires a sound flexible production system to adjust the production processes in order to meet the customer needs without compromising quality. Industrial robots are a major part of the robotics industry and are often used in industrial processes. Equipped with state-of-the-art robotics technology and high precision components, IPE robots are applicable to a wide variety of industries, including the automotive, medical, electronic, food, laboratory, industrial, packaging, electronic and consumer industries.

CNC Machines

We provide a vertically integrated one-stop solution to our customers. All production processes are performed in-house, including mould-making, die-casting, forging, injection moulding, stamping, electronics, heat treatment and plating. These processes involve a wide range of technologies and most up-to-date CNC and other equipment, over 2,500 separate pieces of equipment in total, of which some 2,000 are CNC machines.

HDD Components

Pivot shafts, pivot housings, spindle motor shafts, spindle motor housing components are used in the assembly of pivot cartridges and spindle motors of a hard disk driver. Beyond traditional application in computers, hard disk drivers are now finding new homes in mobile communication devices, digital cameras and digital home appliances. Pivot shafts and pivot housings have been the mainstay of the Group's products over the years and we have successfully established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of the products in the industry with a worldwide market share of approximately 20%. With the increasingly high specifications and storage capabilities of hard disk driver, the technical demand for precision components has increased accordingly. Currently, the majority of the Group's long-term business partners and product end-users are internationally renowned manufacturers of computer and electronics equipment. IPE Group endeavors to maintain high level of precision and meticulous quality in order to satisfy the stringent requirements on product precision and product quality.