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IPE once again won the award of the world's top 500 top suppliers


IPE was once again awarded jointly by Continental and Schaeffler

Premium Supplier Nomination (2019-2021) This award is held every two years, and 32 of the 8,000 global suppliers are selected as top suppliers. IPE has won this award for two consecutive years!



Continental AG was founded in 1871 and is headquartered in Hanover, Germany. It is the world's third largest tire manufacturer and Europe's largest supplier of auto parts.

Many of Continental's business units occupy leading market positions: brake calipers, safety electronics, in-vehicle intelligent communication systems, automotive instrumentation and fuel supply systems are the world’s largest sales volume; electronic brake systems and brake boosters are the world’s second largest sales volume. It is also the fourth largest tire supplier in the world.

That's right! The tire brand is what we commonly call the German horse brand. Continental's customers include Volkswagen, Daimler Ford, Volvo, Schmitz, Koegel, Freightliner Trucks, BMW, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Renault and Porsche.




Schaeffler Group (Schaeffler) Schaeffler Group is the world's leading supplier of integrated automotive and industrial products. Since its development, the "Schaeffler" brand represents the highest quality, superior technology and strong innovation capabilities.

The Schaeffler Group is a global leader in the production of rolling bearings and linear motion products, and one of the most reputable suppliers in the automotive industry. Through three well-known brands-INA, FAG and LUK, Schaeffler Group is actively active in the fields of automobile manufacturing, industrial manufacturing and aerospace. With its expertise in the overall power system (engine, chassis, transmission and auxiliary devices) of cars and trucks, the Schaeffler Group Automotive Industry Department has become a reliable partner for almost all car manufacturers and other major suppliers!

IPE has once again won the title of high-quality supplier, which is not only a high recognition of the quality of IPE's products, but also a commendation for the company's consistent provision of high-quality services.



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