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International precision start war


In the current epidemic situation, responsibility comes first. In response to the government's call, International Precision Group always puts the life safety and health of its employees first. The resumption date has been postponed again from February 10 to February 17. Before resuming work, in order to effectively strengthen the implementation of the prevention and control of the new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic, effectively reduce the gathering of people, block the spread of the epidemic, and better ensure the life safety, health and smooth development of various tasks after resumption of work . At present, the Chinese factories (Guangzhou, Dongguan, Jiangsu) of the International Precision Group have all passed the government review and started smoothly!

Guangzhou Xinhao’s 60% resumption rate did not make the workshop leaders slack in the production work. They uphold the belief that they are responsible for their customers and live up to their trust, and they work against the current to allocate the work of employees reasonably and ensure their work. Under the condition of environmental safety, it will start overnight, and the warehouse inventory will be integrated and delivered on time. Faced with the difficulties of logistics obstruction, heavy load of various transportation vehicles, fewer choices, and high prices, logistics customs brokers actively explore the government’s green channels to improve transportation efficiency; in the dangerous environment, all the staff of the group information team are in When receiving a notice that some employees must work from home, they will go to their posts to open exclusive channels for data sharing and conference calls; the sales department can get in touch with customers as soon as possible, eliminate customer doubts and negotiate the details of the next work; The financial department and the human resources department integrate external and internal resources to vigorously support the resumption of work and production!

Everyone is responsible for the current national crisis. International Precision is resolutely doing epidemic prevention work to ensure the safety of every employee, and spares no effort to cooperate with the government in fighting the battle of epidemic prevention and control; International Precision does its best to resume work and production, and is responsible to employees and customers. An enterprise that has not experienced a crisis is fragile and immature. All employees of International Precision are brave enough to take responsibility and are willing to dedicate. They firmly believe that suffering can create brilliance! Please be assured that whether it is epidemic prevention and control or corporate development, International Precision will resolutely fulfill its own responsibilities, always practice the corporate spirit of "Keeping in mind, creating the future smartly", and live up to the support of our customers and friends to the group. And love! International Precision Group will be stronger in the crisis!





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