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Continuously enhance research and development capabilities and reserve technology for subsequent strategic development

The 2019 quality improvement proposal finals and awards ceremony ended successfully


Nearly 18,000 people participated in quality improvement proposals

The number of WeChat followers soars to more than 1,000

500 participants in online and offline comprehensive knowledge contests

Over 400 winners of quality improvement activities

More than 300 effective and reasonable suggestions

On December 4, 2019, with the active participation and strong support of all employees, the first Quality Improvement Month of International Precision and Xinhao Technology in 2019 was successfully concluded in Guangzhou Xinhao Technology Co., Ltd.




After 1 month, covering all employees, this quality month activity covers six major contents:

First, to standardize the management of the company and reflect the voice of employees, we implemented reasonable suggestions for full participation. In this event, we received more than 300 effective suggestions. Where:


Golden Idea Winners: Wang Jun, Jia Qingbin

Silver Electronics Winners: Shi Chenghua, Zhang Xiaoqing, Zhu Liwen

Award presenter: Chief Financial Officer Tan Yaozhong



The second is to carry out 3Q6S appraisal to "advocate everyone's participation and carry out all-staff quality activities". A total of 3 factory-wide 3Q6S appraisal activities were carried out in November. After 3 rounds of random inspections and appraisals, the cleanliness of the office and production workshop and the mental outlook of the employees have all been brand new. The final winner:

Advanced TU: TU16, TU23

Advanced BU: BU8 Sales Department, BU10 Quality Department

Award-presenting guest: Sales Director Liu Zhaocong



The third is to carry out online and offline comprehensive knowledge competition activities involving all employees, with nearly 500 people. A group of technical backbones with deep knowledge and solid foundation emerged throughout the competition. A total of 9 teams participated in the offline comprehensive knowledge competition. The final winning team of the competition is:

The B3 team composed of Chen Wenqiong, Chen Guanghui and Xie Wenshun won the championship

The A2 team composed of Huang Jinqun, Lin Ridong and Zhong Jiehao won the runner-up

The C1 team composed of Ruan Peiwen, Zhong Zijian and Yang Qiong won the third place

Award-presenting guest: Group General Manager Wu Kaiping




The fourth is to "continuously improve and promote management improvement", we carried out the "proposal improvement competition" activity. Today, a total of 13 teams demonstrated their respective proposals for improvement, and many of them have excellent cases of improving processes, improving quality, reducing costs and satisfying customers.

Best improvement: TU3

Excellent improvement: Keda, TU2, Keya

Award-presenting guest: Group Chairman Zeng Guangsheng



Chairman Zeng Guangsheng presented trophies to the winners and made a concluding speech. The chairman emphasized that the results of this event were remarkable and remarkable. The successful conclusion of the Quality Activity Month is not the end, but a new starting point for us to build our core competitiveness. In 2020, we will fully implement quality enhancement, process improvement, cost reduction, elimination of waste, automation and lean production, and create new endogenous development momentum.图片7.png 



In addition, the fifth is to produce quality month promotion banners in each TU, making full use of various channels for quality promotion. Sixth, in order to "strengthen quality training and promote skill improvement", we have carried out quality-related training courses to enhance the quality awareness of all employees through training, familiarize themselves with quality management tools, and consolidate various basic quality tasks.


The company will take this event as an opportunity to improve quality and fine management with greater intensity, more investment, and deeper participation in 2020, and push International Precision and Xinhao Technology to a new level of development, and provide employees Create a better working environment and broader development space. 



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