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Vision and mission

Provide customers with one-stop overall technical solutions

Company vision

We are committed to becoming a model of the precision parts processing industry, becoming a modern large-scale high-tech enterprise, with comprehensive strength among the forefront of precision parts manufacturing, and continuing to maintain a leading position in the industry.

To achieve this goal, we must:

1. Work closely with manufacturers to promote mature scientific and technological achievements into the market through the wide application of high-precision technology in various industrial fields, thereby improving people's quality of life;

2. We will continue to introduce international advanced machinery and technology, continue to carry out technological innovation, process innovation, market innovation and management innovation, and adhere to keeping pace with the times to ensure competitive advantage and sustained growth.

3. Develop our business quickly and steadily, achieve economies of scale, and improve profitability.

Corporate beliefs

Always satisfy customers and create value for customers.

The mission of the company

Future development direction: integrated solutions for automobiles, hydraulics, medical, machinery, and automation;

The company's talent strategy: to provide young people with a space and platform for full development and rapid growth;

Carry forward the engineer culture: determined to work hard and create the future intelligently.

Pay attention to social responsibility!

Corporate values

  • Corporate philosophy

    IPE will be committed to becoming a one-stop supplier of internationally advanced ultra-high-precision manufacturing services and process solutions with the concept of "technology leads intelligent manufacturing, technology changes life".

  • People-oriented

    People-oriented, sincere and united, dedicated and dedicated, forge ahead.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is the first driving force for development, and IPE's pace of innovation will never stop.

  • Social responsibility

    Cherish resources, save energy and reduce consumption.