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Social recruitment

We look forward to you who are talented with entrepreneurial passion and adventurous spirit

Talent training

We firmly believe that

The growth of each employee is as important as the development of the company

International Precision has always had a gene that values talent training. Employees will be exposed to all-round learning and growth plans from the moment they enter the company. We have established the IPE Engineering College within the company to adapt to the rapid changes in the market and the requirements for talents.


Employee benefits: market-competitive or higher-than-market salary levels, weekends, paid annual leave, five social insurance and one housing fund, smart buffet, food subsidies, free accommodation, union care, holiday benefits, birthday gifts, and food subsidies

Talent training: School of Engineering, rotation training, young backbone training, Qianlong plan, going abroad for further study

Recreational facilities: sports center, gym, yoga, basketball, badminton, table tennis, go

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